Mysteries, wonders and fantasy

As described in Upanisads, in the process of creation, the Creator creates and then enters into his creation. Maharishi translates this verse as ‘Having created the creation, the Creator entered into it.’

You and the Creator are one. Any thought, dream, fantasy, desire appear TO you in your consciousness. Where do your thoughts come from? From the unbounded, omnipresent Creator. You are the Creator that stepped into its own creation, and you ARE the creation of the Creator, and you are the Creator, as well, who stepped inside YOU, becoming YOU. But, you are the Creator. You are the co-Creator. You and the Creator are one.

Mysteries, wonders and fantasy bring passion and fascination to our lives. We fantasise and explore unbounded realities within our minds. Our minds can contrive miraculous, enticing realities that we can express onto the canvass in Vedic Art, in writing, in music, in various forms of art. Then some of them, with the creative force of the Universe, manifest for us in our lives, if we experience and feel them deeply enough. Some of them transition into different realities or dreams, and we experience them instead. Then, with surprise, we find out, that they are even better than what we had initially dreamt of.