Vedic Art – What it means in practice?

During the Vedic Art course, you will experience the Vedic process and principles that will activate your creative heart’s intuition, and it will continue working in your life even after the course.

The paintings you create serve as an activation tool, and meditating on them will allow you to strengthen your new self-expression and your newly re-defined dreams and goals, for years to come.

Some people expect miracles just after one workshop. Yes, it definitely does happen to some, and many people get breakthroughs during the workshop.

At the same time, to continue to deepen and expand your creative process, it is good to repeat the process a few times, to embed the experience more in your daily life.

How can the Vedic Art process benefit you? 

For some, it opens up colourful spaces in their own perception. For others, it inspires adventures and deepens their love of life. It can allow you to define and streamline your life path.

When you work with your right brain hemisphere, which is the creative and intuitive part of your brain, it allows you to access data outside of your logical database, straight from the intuitive, creative part of your brain.

Vedic Art can help you tap into your unconscious and intuitive knowledge. Creativity based purely on our previous life experience is limited. However, once we learn how to tap into, what Maharishi Mahesh Yogi described as the ‘Unified Field of Consciousness’, we get better ideas that uplift others around us, as we live more in tune with nature and with the whole Universe. 

The Vedic process involves surrendering to and flowing in harmony with universal, natural laws.  According to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the nature of our universe and the nature of the whole creation is continuous evolution.

Therefore, the whole cosmos, according to Vedas, is in a beautiful ever-expanding process of evolution, and this happens both on an individual and on a collective level, within an individual human being and within human race. 

Contrary to the impression given by the mass media, there has been an immense blossoming of human consciousness and progress all over the world and humanity is moving towards heights not known before. 

Millions turn to meditation and self-introspection, recognising the importance of inner peace, seeking fulfillment independent of material goods, external financial success, power, fame or achievements.

Top politicians, artists, scientists and accomplished individuals all over the world turn to yoga and meditation to enhance their well-being, creativity and intuitive wisdom. 

Vedic Art is a way of going deep within your soul, to discover its treasures.  The Vedic process allows you to recognise your heart’s desires. It may bring to your awareness the emotions and feelings you want to experience more of and guide you with the secret language of images that speak to you as you paint.  Prepare to be surprised and mystified.

With Vedic Art, you get to intuitively read your own hidden language of colours and images which will help you direct your life and life path.  The process allows some people to get in touch with hidden parts of their souls that need to be healed. It happens in a secret language of images that you and only you will learn the meaning of. Others painting next to you will not even know your process. It will remain yours and secret, unless you wish to share.  In fact, we paint in silence.

We all want to deepen our experience of satisfaction in life, to learn how to see new dimensions, new colours and new spaces, perceive outside of the box, beyond conventional boundaries, beyond what we know, outside of our beliefs and convictions.

For some, Vedic Art might broaden their vision, allow them to perceive new solutions or come up with new concepts. It can provide new ideas and make us more perceptive on various subtle levels.

Huge businesses, the media, governments and companies want to convince us that everything is so difficult and complicated that only with their products and services can we somehow make it through.

However, according to Vedic philosophy, life has never meant to be a struggle. It is meant to be a continuous upward evolutionary path of more blossoming, fulfilment and love coming into our lives.  Life is simple if we follow the natural laws of evolution, balance and harmony. The more we simplify our ways, the easier life flows.  

Many people have one or two real inner blocks that prevent them from fully enjoying their lives, be it a physical health limitation or the inability to create the relationship they want.  

Vedic Art principles can help you to shed what is not yours in your life path – the social conditioning that enslaves you without you being aware of it.  With the Vedic Art process and meditation, obstacles that seem impossible to overcome might be resolved by tapping into the unknown in order to reveal unexpected solutions, potentially helping you to live your life feeling more fulfilled.

The Vedic process may also reveal a way out of hopelessness towards more fulfilment.  The heart’s intuition may help you to overcome inner blocks, hopelessness or creative stagnation and find new solutions.

Naturally, as with everything in life, this will only happen if you go through the whole process and all the exercises, without hurrying or taking shortcuts, in order to fully contemplate the awakened insights that come to you.

If you commit to achieving full harmony and balance by working with all the key Vedic principles, without rush, your life and your creativity will show you much more bliss, colour, peace, satisfaction and joy than you have imagined. 

Vedic Art, meditation and holistic paths are all based on the same natural laws. Vedic Art is not ‘the only’ path. However, it is so beautiful and surprising in the secrets that it reveals to us about ourselves, that I have been in love with it for many years. And the surprises keep coming!

It is a continuous unfolding of our inner bliss, which continues to reach new heights and always presents new surprises.