Divine Desires- Sinful Desires- Pleasures- Sins- Judgements

Vedic Art is about fully expressing yourself and your dreams and desires without judgements in every moment and owning your dreams and desires regardless of what mum, dad, friends, society and teachers say. Own your desires.

Own your dreams and fully integrate yourself with your needs in every moment. Dive deep into your dream and desire, and joyfully express it in your art, be it in writing or painting or any other form or art, without any attachment as to whether it is going to be fulfilled or not. Then the magic happens. It really is so simple. First, allow yourself to feel your desire fully, whether you believe it has the potential to be fulfilled in real life, or not.

Then, let go of your attachment to it, and surrender the dream to the Divine, saying, ‘This, or something better for me, let your will be done.’ Then, if it is good for you, it may happen. If there is something better for your soul, something better will happen. It might not be what you expect, but it will definitely be a better thing for you. Life caresses us and torments us with desires fulfilled and unfulfilled, giving us so much pleasure and pain. What a beautiful, fascinating caleidoscope of experiences. Experience the desire, surrender it to the Divine, let go of your attachment to it, and with utmost passion, dive into the present moment you are in, fully enjoying it, as it shows up.

The reality already provides you with the fulfilment of your dreams in this moment but you are failing to notice that you are living your dream right now but you are not OWNING IT DEEPLY.

Stop judging your crazy mind and all its ideas no matter how crazy they seem to you. Madness and genius go close together. Madness of total passion for this moment and for your life RIGHT NOW, AS IT SHOWS UP RIGHT NOW. This is your passion. The tumultuous concotion of emotions, experiences and events, this is your dream. Magnificent, twisted, pleasurable and sometimes painful- dream.

You are the Divine so excavate every single moment of bliss, passion, pleasure, colour, fun, inspiration and fulfilment from this very moment. We were taught that so many of our desires are inappropriate or that we too pious to experience them that we do not even dare to dream or to desire or to want what we want. It is utterly ok to want what you want! You are not crazy! You are not a sinner! You are not an egoist!

This life is a Divine dream and you are dreaming it! Be brave as there might be no tomorrow and do not compromise yourself for others! I mean, do, but do not sacrifice yourself for others.


Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om. Let all beings experience bliss, ecstasy and pleasure of life!