Meditation enhances creativity and the artistic process

Meditation brings fulfilment. We keep forgetting we are the active creators of our reality.

Yogis in the Himalayas can live without heat, food and be in utter state of bliss.

Yogic powers, so called siddhis, allow powerfully disciplined minds to manifest their dreams into outer reality. The more focus we achieve, and this can be attained by regular meditation, the quicker our dreams manifest into reality. When we create any form of art, the process gets much more prolific when it is done in a meditative state of mind.

Maharishi promoted meditation as the means of becoming more creatively fulfilled in art and in life.

It is essential to keep our minds focused on one’s dreams and to let these dreams into the Universe, let them fly away gently, and let the Divine manifest them, or something better for us. It is essential to not get attached to our dreams and watch both their unfulfilment and fulfilment as silent impartial witnesses.

We are meant to be creatures full of inner bliss. It is our human duty to tap into our Divine heritage.

In times of darkness on the planet, it is up to us, up to every single individual, to bring light and joy to others and to share our divine spark with others. We are all the active co-creators of the life on the planet. It is our job to bring laughter, joy, fun, colour, love and kindness into our immediate reality.

And then, there will we find it.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti. Let all the beings in the Universe attain peace.