Thank you for taking the time to read my profile.

I am a fully qualified Vedic Art Teacher accredited by the Vedic Art Organisation in Sweden, with seven years of Vedic Art teaching experience.

I am called to serve, empower and help people live their most passionate, enticing, colourful, happy and loving life. I am following my passion to assist people in recognising their deepest dreams and to help them find ways of bringing them to life through Vedic Art artistic process and through meditation. 

I have worked in education in London for twenty years and have taught all age groups, children and adults.

I have delivered well-being and meditation training to teachers in schools and adults in the community. I completed a great number of emotional literacy and well-being CPD trainings in London, Germany and Poland. This allows me to help people better and understand their problems.

I also deliver introductory yoga and meditation program for the Art of Living Organisation and actively promote well-being through meditation. 

Having mental wellbeing of our society at heart, I helped organise an event promoting yoga and meditation during the 2017  International Yoga Day in the Houses of Parliament.

Teaching Vedic Art, I am blessed to work with amazing clients and help them find more passion, reignite zest, enthusiasm, unlock creative blocks, move past stagnation and find more joy, excitement and fun in life. During Vedic Art training, I assist course participants in releasing inner blocks to move to a more purposeful life full of colour, purpose, fantasy, joy, love, great passion and smile.

I wish to thank you for taking the first step towards change, to bring as much satisfaction and daily bliss into your life as you can, to find ways to be as alive and fascinated and full of enthusiasm as you can be. My desire is to help you achieve your dreams by providing a safe, authentic, and compassionate  setting.

Let me know how I may assist.

Annette, Vedic Art teacher.