Annette is a Vedic Art Teacher acredited by the Vedic Art Organisation in Sweden.

She has worked in education in London for twenty years and has taught all age groups, children and adults.

She has delivered well-being and meditation training to teachers in schools and adults in the community.
Annette completed a great number of emotional literacy and well-being CPD trainings in London.

She delivers introductory yoga and meditation program for the Art of Living Organisation and actively promotes well-being through meditation. 

In 2017, this resulted in her visit to the Houses of Parliament with a group of school students to promote yoga and meditation during the International Yoga Day.

Annette's extensive training in developing human potential allowed her to quickly integrate the principles of Vedic Art into her work, life and into her work with clients.

Vedic Art allows her to work with private clients to help them find more passion in life, reignite zest, enthusiasm, unlock creative blocks, move past stagnation and find more joy, excitement and fun in daily life. During Vedic Art training, Annette assists clients in releasing inner blocks to move to a more purposeful life full of colour, purpose, passion and smile.