Vedic Art Workshops

Vedic Art 1st Level (Foundation) Course opens you up to the 17 Vedic Principles of your spiritual and creative journey. Vedic Art 2nd Level (Continuation) Course allows you to explore the Principles deeper and re-connect even more with your inner Creator.


It is possible to guide the courses separately or sometimes both levels can meet during the same time and are parallel.


Preparation for the workshop


You will need to bring with you:

2 pencils and plain paper for exercises
5 canvas (you can bring  more if you like); during one workshop we use around 5 canvas and some use more; 5 is minimum.
 acrylic paints (bring the colours you love, plus white and black paint), distempers; brushes; sketchbook, 2 pencils, a set of colouring pencils or crayons; 1-2 jars for water; colour palette
structure materials like backing paper, strings, brocade, brocade glues, rice, bits,  etc.
packed lunch
Note: oils dry long so I do not recommend them for the workshop. If you prefer easel you can bring one with you but it is not necessary to use one at all.